DJ Leopanda (years of active art 1998-2003), was a Russian-born British techno-trance studio DJ, also known as ‘Amanda J Dee’, became popular in the early 2000s on and due to creative collaboration with, Clubtronic Productions and DJ Ampz (Canada).

Between 1999-2003 produced 8 albums under a self-created label ‘Leopandance Records’ with techno-trance and dance music in a variety of genres.

Had brief success with a number of radiostations in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway, Malaysia, Russia, including some of her tracks used as a regular background music on the Russian Radio of London operated by a celebrated London-based Russian music critic Seva Novgorodtsev who even interviewed DJ Leopanda for one of his shows.

Disappeared in 2003 from the music circles. Got married and left the scene.

Albums: “Mister E”, “Eyes Scream!”, “Alter Igor”, “Space Catwalk”, “Leopandance”, “Leopandora’s Jukebox”, “Outbacks of Mind”, “Jupiter”.

Phew! that's about it...

Here are some of her better known traxx. Though, please bear in mind - it was more of a fun project than serious music mixing, let alone music writing!




The Best of Leopanda (Spring 2002)

2.The Owl Dance
3.America (Blessed Be...)
4.Saturn Rays
5.Lost in Arizona
6.Jupiter Nightlife
7.In Space
8.Echoes of Eldorado
9.Getting High
10.Pacific Dreams
11.Dancing Digits
13.All Junkies Go To Heaven
14.Feels So Deep
15.Night Hunt Downtown
16.Unforgiven Me
17.Lazy Day
18.Ancient Fugitives
19.Do You Wanna Cyber?


And here are some more traxx from the unfinished albums

'Jupiterian Symphony' and 'Hi Freakquency':

Nevada Sleepless
News of Today (Original) Ways & Rivers
News of Today (Extended) Heartbeat
Rat Race Down the Black Hole